See through frame

The customer’s requirements included being able to see both sides of her husband’s rugby shirt (to show all the damage caused through use on the pitch.



This needed 2 solid oak frames joined back to back and the ability to attach a chain from 2 points on top for hanging.  I hope the customer’s husband liked the present.


More 3D Framing

Over the past few months we have completed a number of 3D frames and thought you might like to see a few.


A puppy’s first collar and lead along with a photo of the little chap.  Both collar and lead are held in place with mini tags (similar to the ones used for clothing) and coloured red to match.


This fairly large frame was put together to mark the retirement of a police officer. The collection of items included the various badges he wore during his career and an old fashioned pair of handcuffs and truncheon.  The metal badges are held in place using their original fixings, the cloth badges are sewn on, handcuffs are attached with archival polyester and, finally, small rubber covered wire brackets have been made to keep the truncheon in place.  The officer’s name and collar numbers have been blurred for his anonymity.


This was a Christmas present for a customer and we have produced a more informal layout for this set of WW2 medals along with a photograph of the recipient with his grandson (we think), his certificate of entitlement for the medals and a badge from his uniform.

M Mouse.

This time it’s a momento from a trip to EuroDisney.  The middle of the ears are a couple of Disney coins and are held in place my sinking them into a board and then slightly overlapping the top mount.

Man Utd shirt

Finally, an old Manchester United shirt signed by Teddy Sheringham.  This was another surprise Christmas present.

Needlework the right way

Some people can spend an incredibly long time on their needlework projects and when they ask us to frame we always ensure that no harm is caused to their work and that whatever we do is completely reversible.

Badge 1

This picture shows the method we use to lace a cross stitch to a support board using crochet thread. This ensures that if there is a need to take it apart in the future there will be no need to contend with tapes, glues, rusty staples or pins.

Badge 2

To add more interest to the project we included the colours of the Royal Logistic Corps inset into the top mount.

Badge 5

Here you can see the corner showing the colours spliced seamlessly into the mount.


By gluing strips of foam board to the back of the mount the needlework can be held in place without the need of tapes or glue and again allows the item to be removed easily.

RLC final

The addition of a matt black frame completes the job.

A satisfied customer

This little blog post is about some work we have completed over the last 12 months or so for just one customer and was prompted by this recent compliment:

“Following the discovery of Your Picture Framer (Steve) last year we have just had our third project finished and again we are delighted with the final product. I now have an amazing looking room with 2 great festival t-shirts, tickets and photos displays which are commented on by everyone who comes to visit and another piece with photos and tickets on our stair case- can’t think of a better way to remember a great day out! Can’t recommend enough and know we will be returning again and again. 

Best wishes, Caroline”

I first met James when he was trying to put together a surprise birthday present for his wife, Caroline.  He visited the workshop with a bag containing a t-shirt, a couple of wristbands and tickets from an Iron Maiden Concert they had both attended in Prague some years before. The end result was a very happy and surprised Caroline on her birthday.

Iron Maiden T shirt Prague

Both Caroline and James were lucky enough to spend a day at the Olympic Games last year and presented us with a bunch of photos, tickets etc to put into another frame.


A few weeks ago Caroline emailed and asked if we could visit them as they had another little framing project following their trip to the Download Festival at Donnington.  This frame is about 1.3 metres wide and contains a couple of t-shirts, tickets, wristbands and photos (bit of a theme here).

Download 1

I would like to thank Caroline and James for their very kind words and the opportunity to produce something that will prolong their memories of some special events.  Below is a photo of the room where the two Iron Maiden frames hang.

Iron Maiden Room

Great Flood of Vermont

Compass 2

Compass 3

We were recently given this old compass to put into a presentation case. The compass is a pin-on type made by the Marble Arms and Manufacturing Company of Michigan USA and a version is still produced today.

This particular compass was used by Janus Crossett Shonio of Waterbury, Vermont, USA. Mr Shonio made particular use of it when he travelled from Waterbury to Burlington in an effort to obtain assistance for the people of Waterbury during the Great Flood of Vermont over the period 4 – 6 November 1927. His journey took him over the Camel’s Hump, through Richmond, where he was joined by others. It is uncertain how long the journey took.

Mr Shonio’s daughter, Marjorie, lived in Waterbury with her husband Robert Arkley until his death in September 2012. Marjorie lives in a retirement home in Burlington. Our customer, a good friend of Marjorie and Robert, was given the compass during one of his visits to Waterbury.

Compass 1

In an effort to retain the authenticity of the compass we agreed not to polish the metal. A small mounting bracket was cut and shaped from 2mm thick acrylic and attached to the base of the display case. The compass slides over the bracket through the fixing pin and held in place with archival polyester strips.

Some padding was added to the base and covered with velvet. To provide a little height a small wooden plinth, made from a simple frame moulding, was added.

Compass 4

Now, instead of sitting in a drawer, this small display now has pride of place on the mantle!

Compass 5

Football programme

Wolves progThis football programme is being held in the mount without it coming into contact with any glue or adhesive tapes.

We have used archival polyester sheets wrapped around the programme and passed through the undermount to hold it securely in place. A little extra design on the mount cutting in suitable colours and this has now turned into a worthwhile display item.

Through the window

Today we took the opportunity to place some of our frame samples in a shop window.

                                                                                                 Mo window 1


Crafty Mo’s in King Charles Place, St John’s, Worcester has provided some space for our small showcase of framing. It’s good to know that a few more people will be able to see some of our work.

win 1win 3



Rod Stewart in Worcester

A short time ago an article appeared in the Worcester News written by Mike Pryce about a young lady who had paid £2 for a ticket to a Rod Stewart concert in Worcester’s Gaumont in 1973.  We sent an email to the reporter asking if he would contact the lady concerned to find out if she wouldn’t mind if we produced a bespoke frame to display her ticket, photos and a copy of the article.  After a few emails we had the anwers and copies of all the materials allowing us to produce a simple design fo the article.

Newspaper article Rod Stewart

The double mount has been cut to the shape of the article and 3 more apertures for the ticket and photos with each area surrounded with a groove cut into the top most board, all set off with a simple black frame with a brushed finish which itself has a groove on the face.

The original article can be seen here.

It’s a gift!

We thought you might like to see some of our recent work that were all commissioned as gifts (except for the last one):


These British Transport Police shoulder badges (with the officer’s number changed) were framed to commemorate the officer’s promotion last year.  We printed a BTP badge to help balance the layout and double mounted it with black on top of white in a brushed silver frame.


A collection of James Bond postcards – one for each of the films.  24 apertures all perfectly aligned and cut with our Wizard computerised mountcutter.


This large frame contains a number of photos taken by the customer on the day of a visit to the 2012 Olympics,  also included are a pair of tickets for the Olympics and travelcards.  The double mount also includes a shaped cut for the Olympic logo.


This last one was commissioned by the soldier who successfully completed the Special Forces Communicators selection.   We built a frame with a deep rebate to allow enough room for the beret and belt, both of which have been sewn onto the backing to allow removal without damage in the future.

Picture Frame Training

We are about to take a step in a slightly different direction and will soon offer training for picture framing for these:

Hobby Framing

Frame It Yourself

Insight into professional framing

You can learn with either our top of the range professional equipment or items more suited to the hobby framer.  We can tailor the training to whatever you want to achieve and at the end of the training you will be able to leave with at least one piece of your artwork framed.

All our training is offered ‘one to one’; all the tuition is directed towards you – on other courses you could be sharing the attention of the tutor with 8 – 10 others.  We will also offer support and advice for any questions or problems you encounter in the future.  Should you wish to share the experience we can also provide joint tuition for 2 people.

So, if you want to learn how to mount your artwork properly in that shop bought frame or would like to come along with a piece of artwork and make a bespoke frame on professional equipment (under supervision) then give Your Picture Framer a call.